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Live in Japan? All you need is three feet for your Kinect, or so Microsoft says.

Perhaps Microsoft doesn’t read Japanese and doesn’t know how to translate six feet in Japanese? It’s said you need at least six feet for your Kinect to use it properly but Microsoft is handing out three feet tapes to measure before you buy? What gives? I own a Kinect and I have at least six feet between me and my television, any closer and the Kinect has a few problems with my actions.

Microsoft did originally say you needed thirteen feet but that was reduced, so which is it? Thirteen, six or three? I guess we will figure it out with all the updates they put out over the holidays for us Kinect users. Let us know of any problems or triumphs you have with your Kinect over the next few months.

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Sonic 4 released on Xbox 360 and PS3

After 16 years, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has been released. The game is being released in parts, so this is Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1. The game will cost 1200 points from Xbox Live Arcade. Alternatively, on the PS3 the game will cost £9.99 to download from the PlayStation Network.

On the Xbox 360 there is also a trial game which, even if you’re a huge Sonic fan, like myself, you may want to download first as 1200 points is a bit steep. The game download size is 191MBs.

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Delay on Gears of War 3 Release


Epic Games and Microsoft have announced that Gears of War 3 will no longer be released next April, with the company deciding to bring the game out in the autumn of 2011 instead.

The Xbox 360 exclusive was due for release on the 8th of April 2011 but, the latest release date of ‘fall 2011’ is a lot less defined and leaves us to wonder when we will actually see Gears of War 3. Epic Games are keen to let gamers know that the delay is purely for business reasons, not due to development issues, although they are also keen to reiterate that the game will be more ‘polished’ because of the delay.

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Wii Sales Drop but, no Christmas Price Deals


Bad news for Nintendo as their Wii console and the DS handheld series seem to have lost their way in the UK gaming market. Both retailers Game and Gamestation are reporting that sales of the Wii and DS are down 40% and in fact, it is reported that Game have dipped into the red in their overall sales and are partly blaming the decline in hardware sales of the Nintendo Wii for their misfortune.

As the news of the potential lack of interest in the Nintendo Wii filters through, news that Nintendo have no intentions of reducing prices on their hardware over the upcoming Christmas period is also appearing. Presumably the company expects the Christmas sales figures, which have historically been highly successful for Nintendo, to be high enough to not need any encouragement from price drops or incentives to customers.

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Bungie Reveal Possible Halo Reach DLC

halo reach dlc

Oops! Looks like someone at Bungie will be getting a slapped *insert body part here*.

Whilst discussing Halo Reach on the official Bungie blog, screenshots were posted up in an attempt to assist players in the task of installing Halo Reach to their Xbox 360 hard drives. Those screenshots happened to show the achievement points tab on Bungie’s own dashboard and those points don’t add up to the same Gamerscore points tally that comes with the retail game alone. This has led many to predict the release of downladable content for Reach in the near future.

achievements reach

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FIFA Superior to Pro Evo Football Games say EA

fifa 11 pes 2011

With the upcoming release of Fifa 11, EA spokesman and senior VP Jens Uwe Intat has boldly announced that the FIFA series of games are superior to rival football game series Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

“Over the last couple of years, FIFA has been an excellent performer and we continue to grow market share over Konami. It also shows that our products do get better – FIFA’s Metacritic scores keep going up. We have a clearly superior product over Konami, which we did not have in the last generation.”

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Sonic Adventure ported to XBLA and PSN

The first game from Sega’s Dreamcast digital download service has gone live. Sonic Adventure is the first game to be ported to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is available to download on Xbox Live right now and costs 800 Microsoft points, or you can download the trial version. PS3 users will however have to wait a little longer. Sonic Adventure will be made available on PSN from September 22nd and should cost £6.29, 1,000 Yen, or $12.

Both versions offer an enhanced frame rate which renders the the game with twice as many frames as the original Dreamcast release. For the Xbox version, there will of course be achievements but, there will also be avatar items. Where as the PS3 will have PlayStation Home Rewards, as well as Trophies.

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Gold Xbox Live subscription prices to increase from November 1

Some may argue it’s a bad time to increase the price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription membership, while arguably it could be a good time to do so. With Kinect launching in November, it will surely increase the amount of subscriptions for Live, which would make it a good time to jack the prices up. While at the same time, it will make November an extremely expensive month, which may put people off buying Live immediately.

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Toy Box DLC Announced for Xbox 360 with Keys to the City

crackdown 2 DLC

Microsoft Game Studios and Ruffian Games have announced that there will be both free and premium downloadable content available on the Xbox Live Marketplace soon for Xbox exclusive title Crackdown 2.

Entitled “Toy Box”, the DLC contains the following free downloadable content, which includes the Keys to the City mode which was featured as an expansion for the first Crackdown game:

Keys to the City: Made notorious in the first “Crackdown” expansion as the ultimate cheat mode, Keys to the City returns to “Crackdown 2” and puts an even bigger set of tools at your disposal, including God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, spawning of weapons, gadgets and more, the ability to freeze the time of day, and pushing all skills to the maximum to become faster, stronger and more lethal.

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Halo Reach leaked almost a month before launch

The highly anticipated Halo Reach is set to be released September 14th. That hasn’t stopped pirates from leaking the game earlier. Someone was able to acquire the game from the Microsoft servers and has shared it across the web, for others to download.

The game, distributed by Microsoft Game Studios was developed by Bungie Studies, like the previous games in the Halo franchise. As of yet, Bungie haven’t commented on the leak however, Microsoft have said they are “aggressively pursuing the violators”. They want to combat piracy and warn that, modding your console will void the warranty, as well as having the console banned from Xbox Live. This remains a top priority for Microsoft, who also want to make Xbox Live, more secure and safer for the 25 million Xbox Live users there are.

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