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GirlGamers Steam Group

We’ve now got our very own group for on Steam. You can join the group here.

As the group is new, we’re looking for an avatar for the group and we’re running it as a competition. The competition for an avatar will end June 30th and will be judged by the group members. The winner will receive a game worth £20 ($30).

The competition is being held on, where you can submit your entry and view the rules of the competition.

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Videogame Girlfriends are bad news

A recent article on the Official Xbox Magazine website has interestingly revealed that videogame girlfriends never seem to make it to the end of a game alive.  By the way, if you’re planning on clicking the link to the article, be aware that there are possible spoilers.

It is true though, but why?  Why can’t the girlfriend survive to the very end of a game?  In most games, if she dies early on, the boyfriend usually goes on a revenge killing spree, taking down anybody who may have been involved in her death…but surely this is getting too reptitive now?  A little boring maybe?  Is it pointless even having girlfriends in the story if all they’re going to do is die!  It would be great if the girlfriend turned out to be some ninja specialist and made sure nobody tried to get the better of her.

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The annoyances of being a ‘Girl Gamer’


Since joining up here and interacting with several other girl gamers, I have learnt that I’m not the only female who can sit and play a game for hours on end and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment when you finally finish a game.  It’s common knowledge that the gaming industry and all things game related is a mans world.  But what I’m writing about today is how being a girl gamer can sometimes cause problems when playing online.  I’ll also be sharing afew of my experiences of being a girl gamer. 

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Golden Joystick Winners for 2008!

Well it’s time to reflect on who won what at this years 26th Golden Joystick Awards.  This years awards saw a phenominal 856,262 voters, lets hope your vote counted.  Any guesses as to what did the best?  I’ll give you a clue, it starts with a letter ‘C’ and ends in ‘all of Duty 4’.  Yep, Activisions COD4 picked up four awards including UK ESA PC Game of the Year.  Not only that, the next title in the COD series, ‘World at War’ is tipped to be the one to watch next year.  Take a look below at all the winners for 2008.

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Saints Row 2 Review (XBOX360)

Ever since Grand Theft Auto first came out back in 1997 (god that was ages ago!) I have always said to myself, and others, that nothing would beat it, that it is a unique game that would be on our console systems for years to come. I was right about one thing – it has been on our console systems for years and has just sold over 10 million copies of GTA IV worldwide. But now I am asking myself – is it still the best, or has something better come along to challenge it?

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XBOX360 ‘Lips’ Release Information

The highly anticipated ‘Lips’ for the XBOX360 is due to be released in the UK on 21st November 2008.  This is an exclusive for the Xbox360, so if you like to think that your singing in the car, or the shower, or even on the toilet is pretty good, then you want to pick yourself up a copy of this when it comes out.

‘Lips’ is to be the only purely singing game and it will come with two wireless microphones so you can dance and sing in your living room, without having to worry about tripping over any wires.  Xbox360 controllers can be used to play percusssion also.  If that isn’t tempting you to buy this game, then how about if I tease you with the opportunity to sing along to your own songs from your MP3 player!  Yes, that’s correct!  Upload your own music and sing along to it. 

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Join DS: London for the Nintendo DS World record attempt

If you’re heading down to London for the London Games Fringe and have a DS it ‘s worth taking it with you to the event.

As well as the GRL GMR Tournament, London’s first girl gamers event, DS: London will also be taking part in the London Games Fringe Festival. DS: London are attempting to break the world record (currently 381) of number of DS players in a room.

If you’re interested in the event it will be held on the 25th of October and will start at 4pm. For more information visit this post.

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