Interesting NES games

There are many websites that provide you with the chance to play games online for free. Not only are the modern games available, but also the rare and hard to find ones that the younger generation is probably not even familiar with. These games are the so-called NES games from the old and first original Nintendo consoles. These once revolutionary games you now play NES games free online. This is a fun thing to do and will probably bring back many good memories. You can also play games online for free with friends or
family and it is something even children will enjoy. The best way to play NES games free is by first finding a site that has the widest selection available.

XBOX360 ‘Lips’ Release Information

The highly anticipated ‘Lips’ for the XBOX360 is due to be released in the UK on 21st November 2008.  This is an exclusive for the Xbox360, so if you like to think that your singing in the car, or the shower, or even on the toilet is pretty good, then you want to pick yourself up a copy of this when it comes out.

‘Lips’ is to be the only purely singing game and it will come with two wireless microphones so you can dance and sing in your living room, without having to worry about tripping over any wires.  Xbox360 controllers can be used to play percusssion also.  If that isn’t tempting you to buy this game, then how about if I tease you with the opportunity to sing along to your own songs from your MP3 player!  Yes, that’s correct!  Upload your own music and sing along to it. 

Join DS: London for the Nintendo DS World record attempt

If you’re heading down to London for the London Games Fringe and have a DS it ‘s worth taking it with you to the event.

As well as the GRL GMR Tournament, London’s first girl gamers event, DS: London will also be taking part in the London Games Fringe Festival. DS: London are attempting to break the world record (currently 381) of number of DS players in a room.

If you’re interested in the event it will be held on the 25th of October and will start at 4pm. For more information visit this post.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary (XBOX360) Review

Tomb Raider Anniversary Picture

This is my first review on here, so I hope you girls enjoy it.  Please feel free to let me know what you think of my review.  I’ll try and review as many games as possible, but I thought I’d start with a favourite of mine.

Abit of History on Tomb Raider
(For those of you unfamiliar)

The very first release of Tomb Raider was back in 1996 where we see the fictional British character, Lara Croft, on a hunt for artifacts and other historic items in places such as Egypt and Peru. Six of the Tomb Raider games were developed by ‘Core Design’, but the last two Tomb Raider games were developed by ‘Crystal Dynamics’. Lara Croft is probably one of, if not THE, most recognised video game character of all time.

Attention girl gamers in the London area!

I’ve found an interesting gaming event for female gamers.

As part of the annual ‘London Games Fringe’, a week long gaming event, the London Metropolitan University is hosting a day exclusively aimed at girl gamers to kick start the event.

During the day, there will be 5 different games to play; Wii Tennis, Tekken, Unreal Tournament, Kuri Kuri Mix and Mario Kart.

There will be five winners at the end of the tournament for each game, but there will only be ONE overall champion.

This is the first girl gaming tournament in London, as part of the London Games Fringe.

Halo 3

Okay, so last weekend I FINALLY got up to major grade 2.

Moments later

I jumped with joy and humped the air like some horny teenaged loser. I called my husband and told him I finally did it, and then played for 5 hours straight after that.

Two days later

I downloaded the new patch with the new achievements and was totally excited. I then got online and noticed that my rank was gone, I looked at my service record and saw that it was still there before I started pulling my hair out.

Light Cloud in korea part 3

this weekend was the biggest national holiday in Korea, Shushok (not sure how its spelt), a time where people hit the road in the millions to go home and pay their respects to there family.

Korea is pretty closed during that time as everyone is going home so i had left to go to seoul for several days ending on sunday (the main day of shu-thingo). took a flight from the small airport here and had a pretty bumpy ride, i dont mind it but the guy near me was in panic mode.

Unreal Tournament as CoD4 replacement?

The game I play the most on my xbox 360, is Call of Duty 4, occasionally swapped with Halo 3.

I prefer CoD4, but Halo 3 is good for online split screen. CoD4 can get a little boring waiting for your turn, but I still loved to play it regardless.

A new game’s taken over though :O, Unreal Tournament 3 :D. I don’t know if it’s because it’s better than CoD4, or because it’s possible to do split screen online, but it’s definitely taking up a lot of time. I’m making this post in between my gaming gap.

Light Cloud over Korea part2

this week was more of an everyday week, went for run to park up the hill then around a lotus pond, some food shopping and looking at some more traditional markets… little old ladies everywhere i might add!

from all their bending ect, alot of them walk always bent over which is sad to me. but life goes on and they im sure would be use to it by now.

took a trip up to the top of a mountain here in SaCheon which has a small temple. really beautiful place, to get their you need to take a car but the path is just big enough for it, plus its all windy up the side of the mountain, looking down. im sure the taxi driver was having fun ^^

the temple is right in the middle of the peak with forrests of bamboo surrounding, overlooking the other mountains and clouds. just really id picture such a temple to be. not only that but the monks there dont get many visitors and so its remained very buddhist in nature without going into the money gaining attitudes of so many here.

Achievement Unlocked?

I’m an avid 360 gamer and have owned all consoles. Next Gen console wise only have the 360 left after selling the PS3 and Wii. And I’m a little obsessed with Achievement Points. One thing that, annoys me as a Gamer, is the varying difficulty of achievements. I recently wrote an article on explaining my thoughts on this. And now, I’m not one to show off – ok I am – but, QueenB submitted it to N4G also. Which to those who don’t know, is one of the biggest, if not biggest, gaming news site (News 4 Gamers see :P). Forget going to the 360 section, or recent stories, it’s been moved from 3rd hottest story to 2nd 😀