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Light Cloud over Korea part2

this week was more of an everyday week, went for run to park up the hill then around a lotus pond, some food shopping and looking at some more traditional markets… little old ladies everywhere i might add!

from all their bending ect, alot of them walk always bent over which is sad to me. but life goes on and they im sure would be use to it by now.

took a trip up to the top of a mountain here in SaCheon which has a small temple. really beautiful place, to get their you need to take a car but the path is just big enough for it, plus its all windy up the side of the mountain, looking down. im sure the taxi driver was having fun ^^

the temple is right in the middle of the peak with forrests of bamboo surrounding, overlooking the other mountains and clouds. just really id picture such a temple to be. not only that but the monks there dont get many visitors and so its remained very buddhist in nature without going into the money gaining attitudes of so many here.

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Achievement Unlocked?

I’m an avid 360 gamer and have owned all consoles. Next Gen console wise only have the 360 left after selling the PS3 and Wii. And I’m a little obsessed with Achievement Points. One thing that, annoys me as a Gamer, is the varying difficulty of achievements. I recently wrote an article on explaining my thoughts on this. And now, I’m not one to show off – ok I am – but, QueenB submitted it to N4G also. Which to those who don’t know, is one of the biggest, if not biggest, gaming news site (News 4 Gamers see :P). Forget going to the 360 section, or recent stories, it’s been moved from 3rd hottest story to 2nd 😀

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Light Cloud in Korea, adventures of a traveling gamer~

packed my bags and ready to go.

suitcase check, dont need many clothes as im not all that fashion concious and korea
has alot of cheap clothes 😛

carry on lugguage check, the important things: psp, ds, laptop.

now for people who havent traveled much, just a warning, do remember to buy
power converters for all your gadgets and if you have gadgets from different
countrys make sure you get all of them, because some countrys you will find
very difficult to find them. luckly international airports carry the wide range so
check that out!.

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Want to Write for GirlGamers?

While has been around for a while, our forum community has moved to, to accommodate for all gamers 😀 and so our blogging community/posts is still quite small.
We’re looking for female gamers to write about games, news etc with a female perspective.
If you’re interested, please send an email to with the title “Apply”

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Free Girls Games Online

There are literally thousands of free online game websites but one of the best websites I always visit to play free girls games online is They have thousands of games in different categories such as cooking, makeover, role playing, decoration, the ever popular dress up games and much more! The other great thing about this site as well is they always update their website with the latest and popular games! I simply love this website :).

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