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Microsoft announce Kinect-less Xbox One

Since the Xbox One was first announced there have been suggestions from consumers that Microsoft should also sell the console without Kinect, much like the Xbox 360. Partly due to many users not being particular interested in the additional device, while others were hoping for a Kinect-less version to drive the price down. Today Microsoft have announced that they will begin selling the Xbox One console without Kinect.


The Xbox One console without Kinect is due to go on sale from June 9th. If you are wanting to add Kinect at a later date, Microsoft will begin selling the Kinect unit on it’s own from the Autumn.

Just Dance competition to meet Katy Perry

Ubisoft have announced that Just Dance 3 will be a sponsor of Katy Perry’s upcoming UK tour, California Dreams. To highlight the sponsorship, the “Just Dance Your Way to Katy Perry” competition has been launched. Four winners will receive VIP tickets as well as have the chance to meet Katy Perry. In order to enter, you need to video yourself dancing to Firework by Katy Perry on Just Dance 2. Firework is a downloadable track on Just Dance 2 which is free to download from the Just Dance Store – available from the main menu of the game. Alternatively if you don’t own a Nintendo Wii or the game, you can also enter by using the “Just Dance 2 Free Katy Perry DLC” clip on YouTube. For full details on how to enter and submit your video, head on over to the Just Dance Facebook page.

Live in Japan? All you need is three feet for your Kinect, or so Microsoft says.

Perhaps Microsoft doesn’t read Japanese and doesn’t know how to translate six feet in Japanese? It’s said you need at least six feet for your Kinect to use it properly but Microsoft is handing out three feet tapes to measure before you buy? What gives? I own a Kinect and I have at least six feet between me and my television, any closer and the Kinect has a few problems with my actions.

Microsoft did originally say you needed thirteen feet but that was reduced, so which is it? Thirteen, six or three? I guess we will figure it out with all the updates they put out over the holidays for us Kinect users. Let us know of any problems or triumphs you have with your Kinect over the next few months.