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Gold Xbox Live subscription prices to increase from November 1

Some may argue it’s a bad time to increase the price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription membership, while arguably it could be a good time to do so. With Kinect launching in November, it will surely increase the amount of subscriptions for Live, which would make it a good time to jack the prices up. While at the same time, it will make November an extremely expensive month, which may put people off buying Live immediately.

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Upcoming FPS RAGE to be Released in September


Highly anticipated ‘post-apocalyptic’ FPS game RAGE has recieved it’s official release date from the games developer – iD – at Quakecon 2010 in Dallas, Texas.

“We’re going to have the biggest, coolest, most badass launch possible,”  Tim Willits – Rage Designer

In the US RAGE will be released on September 13th with release in Europe dated two days later on the 15th of September.

The game was demoed on stage at Quakecon by members of the RAGE team who showed off  the PlayStation 3,  Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game which has been built using the new Tech 5 engine by iD.

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Femme Fatal Street Fighter IV fightstick

For a limited time only, a “femme fatale” fightstick is available to purchase from GameShark. The fightstick brings in a pink and white casing along with the ladies of Street Fighter IV. Only 1000 are being made, distributed between the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 will receive 350 while the 360 gets 650. The fightstick will work with most fighting games. The 360 version will also work on PC fighting games that support 360 controllers.

The Femme Fatal fightstick is currently retailing for $159.99 from GameShark.

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Halo 3

Okay, so last weekend I FINALLY got up to major grade 2.

Moments later

I jumped with joy and humped the air like some horny teenaged loser. I called my husband and told him I finally did it, and then played for 5 hours straight after that.

Two days later

I downloaded the new patch with the new achievements and was totally excited. I then got online and noticed that my rank was gone, I looked at my service record and saw that it was still there before I started pulling my hair out.

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