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Videogame Girlfriends are bad news

A recent article on the Official Xbox Magazine website has interestingly revealed that videogame girlfriends never seem to make it to the end of a game alive.  By the way, if you’re planning on clicking the link to the article, be aware that there are possible spoilers.

It is true though, but why?  Why can’t the girlfriend survive to the very end of a game?  In most games, if she dies early on, the boyfriend usually goes on a revenge killing spree, taking down anybody who may have been involved in her death…but surely this is getting too reptitive now?  A little boring maybe?  Is it pointless even having girlfriends in the story if all they’re going to do is die!  It would be great if the girlfriend turned out to be some ninja specialist and made sure nobody tried to get the better of her.

What do you think?


avatar January 28th, 2009 In-game girlfriends never work out according to OXM | Kinky Gamer Says:

[…] Videogame girlfriends are bad news Read More : Games, Girls, News […]

avatar January 28th, 2009 Amber Says:

Women in videogames is a problem all round, really. The weak, pathetic ones get killed off first, the overly sexy, “omg-put-some-clothes-on” woman who almost always turns out to be evil, and the strong, ‘takes no crap’ one who no doubt is perfect in the looks department too. Most realistic woman i’ve played as recently was Zoey from Left4Dead. A horror loving student – just like me! 😀

avatar February 22nd, 2009 Doug Says:

Great article. I guess girlfriends in games are simply an element, mainly playing a huge role in the game’s story. 🙂

avatar March 4th, 2009 anonymous Says:

In FF12 the prince got killed off, technically thats a boyfriend dying.

Generally any game with a relationship results in one or the other getting killed off depending on its content. In Fallout 3 you can sacrifice yourself at the end of the game to spare Sarah, your benefactor.

Most games have a male main character, and it wouldn’t exactly be that easy to work a storyline around the main character getting killed.

It’s just writers being dramatic, doesn’t actually have that much to do with the gender.

avatar May 27th, 2009 Andrew Says:

makes no sense at all! “the one thing you absolutely do not want to be is a girlfriend in a videogame”

avatar June 21st, 2009 Jerm1 Says:

… Really? Then I guess I play the other games and stuff. I mean, the girlfriends in the games I play… are maybe Sexy and stuff… But don’t really get killed or stuff. But yeah, I guess It never really happaned to me because I play the Nintendo – Square Enix – RPG – Adventure Games and stuff… Oh yeah, Aerith… Nope, have no FF7

avatar September 3rd, 2009 Typhoid Says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Eileen survive in at least one of the endings for SH4? She was totally a “girlfriend character”, and none too skimpily dressed/didn’t look like a supermodel. Score one for the team?

avatar March 21st, 2010 makayla Says:

i think that it is a bad example for little girls

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