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2012 UK Gaming Expos

It’s not “all” about E3 when it comes to gaming expos. There’s no denying that E3 is the big gaming event of the year but, for those who live in the UK, what are the alternatives that you can actually attend? The biggest UK gaming Expo is hosted by Eurogamer and is traditionally held each year around September in London. Most gaming events in the UK take place in the capital but, again there are alternatives and there may be a gaming convention near to you.

We’ve taken a look at the upcoming gaming expos in the UK this year to see which ones UK Girl Gamers will be able to attend and made it into an easy to read list. So anyone wanting to attend a gaming expo in the UK this year can see when and where the events are being held.

February 15th -19th – Geek 2012 – Kent

February 17th – 22nd – PlayStation Vita Rooms – London

April 7th – 8th – European Gaming League – Blackpool

July 7th – 8th – Games Britannia Replayed – Sheffield

September 27th – 30th – EuroGamer Expo – London

Date to be confirmed – GAME Fest – Birmingham

November 5th – 6th – RePlay Expo – Blackpool

MCM Expos:

February 18th – Midlands MCM Expo –Telford
March 31st – April 1st – Memorabilia Birmingham
March 31st – April 1st – MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con
May 25th – 27th – MCM Expo London Comic Con
July 21st – MCM Expo Manchester Comic Con
October 26th – 28th – MCM Expo London Comic Con
October 27th – 28th – Memorabilia London

Let us know in the comments if there’s any we’ve missed and which ones you’ll be attending.

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