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Light Cloud in korea part 3

this weekend was the biggest national holiday in Korea, Shushok (not sure how its spelt), a time where people hit the road in the millions to go home and pay their respects to there family. Korea is pretty closed during that time as everyone is going home so i had left to go to seoul…

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Light Cloud over Korea part2

this week was more of an everyday week, went for run to park up the hill then around a lotus pond, some food shopping and looking at some more traditional markets… little old ladies everywhere i might add! from all their bending ect, alot of them walk always bent over which is sad to me.…

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Light Cloud in Korea, adventures of a traveling gamer~

packed my bags and ready to go. suitcase check, dont need many clothes as im not all that fashion concious and korea has alot of cheap clothes 😛 carry on lugguage check, the important things: psp, ds, laptop. now for people who havent traveled much, just a warning, do remember to buy power converters for…

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