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Bungie Reveal Possible Halo Reach DLC

halo reach dlc

Oops! Looks like someone at Bungie will be getting a slapped *insert body part here*.

Whilst discussing Halo Reach on the official Bungie blog, screenshots were posted up in an attempt to assist players in the task of installing Halo Reach to their Xbox 360 hard drives. Those screenshots happened to show the achievement points tab on Bungie’s own dashboard and those points don’t add up to the same Gamerscore points tally that comes with the retail game alone. This has led many to predict the release of downladable content for Reach in the near future.

achievements reach

The screenshots show a potential to gather 59 Achievements in total and a 1250 Gamerscore. The retail game contains 49 achievements currently. I want Bungie’s version of Halo Reach and hopefully that DLC will come soon, although there is still so much play left in Halo Reach that a DLC release isn’t really urgent, just yet.

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