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Deal of the day: Fable 3 free

Deal of the day: Fable 3 free

Currently Fable 3 is on offer on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Normally the digital download costs $19.99 for the full game download. Today the game has been spotted as free. There’s no indication of how long this offer will be on so you should be quick to download it. You will need to be an Xbox Gold member to download the game for free though and 48 hour trials do not work according to reports.


On the Xbox Marketplace website, the landing page for Fable 3 still indicates that the game is $19.99 but, when clicking on buy game it should say the game is free. It is advised however to “pay” for the game through Microsoft points and the game is listed as costing 0 points. When you next connect your Xbox 360 to the internet the game will begin downloading. Alternatively, you can search your console for the game and it is free to download direct from the console.

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