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Halo 3

Okay, so last weekend I FINALLY got up to major grade 2.

Moments later

I jumped with joy and humped the air like some horny teenaged loser. I called my husband and told him I finally did it, and then played for 5 hours straight after that.

Two days later

I downloaded the new patch with the new achievements and was totally excited. I then got online and noticed that my rank was gone, I looked at my service record and saw that it was still there before I started pulling my hair out.

I then played lone wolves and saw that people who were lower ranks than me now had higher ranks. I wondered to myself wtf this was.I looked at…they told me it was this new “True Skill”

Soooo I thought to myself….”So now everyone is on an even playing field”…so this entire year of Halo I have been playing, dreaming to get to major grade 2 means nothing now?

So I know this is a stupid thing to get mad about, but I sat around for about 3 hours being pissed about this.

Am I the only one who is totally mad about this? Am I just being a weirdo?


  1. I think you might have read the info wrong.

    Your Major Grade 2 still represents your TrueSkill ranking; TrueSkill has been used to match you since Halo 3 was released. The NEW ranks that appear in each playlist are related ONLY to experience in that playlist – the more you play, the higher your rank will go. It doesn’t care if you lose; your ability to climb is unaffected by that (unlike your TrueSkill rank). The new rankings (white only, as opposed to colorful and textured) tell you when you’re being matched up against people who hang out in that particular playlist – or whether you’re being matched up against folks who never visit. If you run across someone with a playlist rank of General, but a TrueSkill rank of Staff Captain… you should worry a little more than if you ran across an apprentice with a TS rank of Staff Captain, because even though that person’s highest rank is in the 20s, they’ve won more than 500 games in this particular list. And NONE of this affects your TrueSkill ranking – that continues to be based on your performance across the board. Does this make sense?


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