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Light Cloud in korea part 3

this weekend was the biggest national holiday in Korea, Shushok (not sure how its spelt), a time where people hit the road in the millions to go home and pay their respects to there family.

Korea is pretty closed during that time as everyone is going home so i had left to go to seoul for several days ending on sunday (the main day of shu-thingo). took a flight from the small airport here and had a pretty bumpy ride, i dont mind it but the guy near me was in panic mode.

this time was at a hotel in the business district, so some pretty average food type places around… however hotel made some good pizza so i was happy, although a little sick from going overboard on the pizza.

2nd day there spent the entire day in the electronic district, pretty damn awesome place… i think by the end of the day i only was in one of the big buildings but so much there, floors each with different catagory of gadgets and things. so easy to spend ages if your a GG. price was pretty good because of all the different shops of the same type right next to eachother. but they all see pretty happy to help eachother too as with a few different stores i needed something they didnt have so they went to another shop to pick it up for me.

tv dvx box with 500gig hdd, upgrade for mini laptop, portable dvd burner, portable HDD and a sony media player later and i was done for the day.

subway is nuts by the way, easy to get lost and english isnt a really big thing in some parts of korea so gotta make sure you have a map and  a plan.

day 3 was spending a day in the shopping areaishy thing, streets of people and mainly clothes and resturaunts but lots and another place to spend a day.

day 4 was day of everything being closed but went for a walk in a big tome/park area just behind the hotel, beautiful and luckly open. funny seeing a park surrounded by huge buildings… really not many parks in seoul.

another pizza later and off to the airport to go back to SaCheon.

exhausted after all the walking, so today and im pretty sure tomorrow too, ima going to be resting.

hope everyone is doing well and peace out from South Korea for another week!

sorry no pics this week, will add some when i can.


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