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Light Cloud over Korea part2

this week was more of an everyday week, went for run to park up the hill then around a lotus pond, some food shopping and looking at some more traditional markets… little old ladies everywhere i might add!

from all their bending ect, alot of them walk always bent over which is sad to me. but life goes on and they im sure would be use to it by now.

took a trip up to the top of a mountain here in SaCheon which has a small temple. really beautiful place, to get their you need to take a car but the path is just big enough for it, plus its all windy up the side of the mountain, looking down. im sure the taxi driver was having fun ^^

the temple is right in the middle of the peak with forrests of bamboo surrounding, overlooking the other mountains and clouds. just really id picture such a temple to be. not only that but the monks there dont get many visitors and so its remained very buddhist in nature without going into the money gaining attitudes of so many here.

not all that much to do or see apart from some time in the main hall.

while waiting for taxi to return (new taxi driver, im wondering if the other one had a heart attack from going back down) i spotted lots of tiny flowers along the path and around the temple grounds. not only that but many butterflys seemed to hang around. from here you could hear the sound of the cicadas and other insects so loud it seemed like rain.

new taxi driver man was crazy and decided while it wasnt enough to speed down the mountain even in the tight corners, he was also texting with one hand. the guy had skills iv got to say.

as the week went on, i went to an art shop and picked myself up a portable easel to do some more drawing while im here. also picked up some charcol to see if i can do some of that again. messy times ahead.

with a trip the the post office down for sending a prezzy of to someone special (nightmare to get them to give me bubble wrap)i went to get my hair cut (finaly)… now something i didnt know… the place i was getting my haircut was a pubic bath… a place were people go to be naked and do stuff im not to sure of… i hope to god bath is one of them though!

so i sat down and waited for my turn to come when the guy finished and got up… he ofcause had no clothes on and me at my seated height was very happy he didnt have to pass me to get out. looking everywhere but “there” i seated myself down, forgeting that his naked ass was just there i might add!

thing about korea, well the thing about a small town in korea is the men seem to all have the same hair style, and my hair not being the same type, i was not too excited ^^ but the guy seemed to be doing a good job and i only had to correct a couple times, seemed he decided my “cut” would be something called a “MacGyver” seeing how mac is awesome, i let it slide 😛 … not sure if it looks like macgyvers hair or not though 😛 now im not good with sertin things and people being naked is one of those things… defenatly did not cure me of that.

off i went to next location, i had an appointment for a medical dealy and some not so interesting news means i’ll be staying for another month atleast. its nice to be here but im not all that happy about increasing my stay.

however must do what must be done and that means more adventures from South Korea for you guys! i should have some beautiful pictures of the trees around here changing colour soon and maybe even the snow of winter.

because of my extended stay im going to be looking into doing some english teaching at an afterschool place… but we will see how that goes.

for now i’ll leave it here, hope everyones week has gone well and hopefuly there will be some more exciting news from here next time. and some pretty pictures would be good 😛

see you later!

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