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New PS3 jailbreak beats latest firmware update with downgrade

Sony thought they had put the kabash on people who jailbroke their PS3’s by putting out firmware update 3.50, sorry Sony it didn’t work.

The team, which started all of the trouble with the release of the original Playstation 3 hack in August of this year, has announced a new workaround for Playstation 3s with firmware versions higher than 3.41. The latest exploit isn’t a true jailbreak, it basically lets you downgrade to earlier versions and then jailbreak.

I think it’s safe to say Sony is going to have it’s hands full like it did with the PSP so expect a lot of cat and mousing between Sony and the hackers because we all know as soon as Sony puts out another firmware update the hackers aren’t far behind or more than likely one step ahead of them.

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