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Pixel Force Halo Released Today

As promised, Eric Ruth’s highly-anticipated Bungie-inspired demake, Pixel Force Halo, has now arrived! Originally announced back in December, Eric’s Contra-esque platformer is available on PC for free download now.

He has also created Left for Dead and DJ Hero in 8bit, which I am sure if you are like me and know how to use google you can find them all. Eric also has something coming out in the Spring but he wouldn’t say what it was but here’s a quote that is making me wonder what else he could mastermind in 8bit?

Well, I’ve always got a short list of projects I’ve got in mind, but I’ve just recently started on another Pixel Force project. Now, I can’t say what it is yet, but know that it is a completely different spin on multiple properties. Its not a “demake” per se this time, but you’ll know just what I’m saying when it hits the net this spring.

I’ve downloaded the game, but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Let me know if you grab it and tell us what you think about

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