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A hugely popular type of online game of late is that of the tower defense game genre. One of the reasons for this rise in popularity is need for using intricate tactics, to defeat a logic based game, and the slow rise in difficulty making it feel fun but challenging. A tip to defeating these tower defense games is to use the towers which slow the enemy down. Sometimes you’re able to slow them down by placing things on the path. These are usually very cheap, so make sure to use them by placing them in range of your best towers.

At some stage if you have to deal with self healing enemies, make sure to make some towers at close to each other as possible, so they don’t have enough time to If there. You should also learn which enemies are vulnerable to certain towers and make sure you fit the creation into your strategy to beat the tower level. In some games you’re able to see a list of which type of enemy will be released. You can use these tactics in games such as Bloons Tower Defense 4 which, with it’s colorful, vibrant graphics, is one of the best games of this genre.

Rather than using a tower as your defense, there are also the purely defense type games, such as Snipe Down, which fans of “defend the house” style games will enjoy hugely. The objective being to use your trusty sniper, controlled with the mouse, to eliminate all the enemies before they are able to get to your “house”. As you advance through the waves, tougher enemies start to attack, the round length becomes longer, and more weak enemies spawn. To help you defend, every kill helps towards unlocking upgrades to your sniper rifles, automatic turrets and more. Can you survive until the last man standing is dead?

Although not a tower type game, Storm the house 3 is a defense type game which is worth playing. This game is the third in the storm the house series, where the objective is to defend your house from slowly increasing numbers of enemies, for 40 days. As you kill enemies you can upgrade and expand your weapon arsenal, as well as build turrets, or hire soldiers to repair your house, or assist you in defending. There’s also a range of mini-games, ranging from punching jeeps, to playing music by killing enemies. So if you have a spare moment, give these tower & defense games a go!


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