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PS3 Firmware 3.56 Includes a “Rootkit”

Well played Sony, you managed to put a root kit into your new firmeware update, that being if we actually updated our console. I myself will be staying on 3.41. It’s been reported that CFW disables your blu-ray play back.

Back to the rootkit though their own “rootkit” so to speak, which allows them, being Sony to execute remote code upon login. What code exactly? Well that can range from confirming system files, detecting custom firmware to searching for any installed homebrew that you may have put on. It’s rumoured that they will be able to “kill” your console but that has yet to be seen.

Below is a quoted IRC snippet from Mathieulh:

<Mathieulh> 3.56 has nice new stuffs in there 😛
<Mathieulh> like remote code execution upon login
<Mathieulh> yummy 😛
<Mathieulh> 3.56 pretty much has a built in psn rootkit
<Mathieulh> don’t tell me I haven’t warned you
<Mathieulh> the server awaits a proper reply
<Mathieulh> and that reply isn’t in the firmware

There are some comments from people who upgraded and wanted to switch out their hard drive that they received and error and were unable to do so. As for now, stay on CFW or 3.41 disable your internet connectivity and enjoy your PS3  they way you want not the way Sony wants


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