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PSP 2 Rumored for Release before Christmas…..2011


Although Sony themselves are yet to tell us whether a PSP 2 is a reality or not, we know that there are game developers out there that are reportedly creating games specifically for the ‘PSP 2’.  Now, there are rumors claiming that developers have been told that the PSP 2 will be arriving before the holiday season of 2011, according to a source of VG247.

There is plenty of time to debate and wonder whether the news is real but, those PSP2 rumors keep coming so it would be nice if Sony could step forward and confirm one way or another whether we are going to see a PlayStation Portable 2 and when we should expect to see it. Too much to ask? Well, Sony are notorious for playing their cards close to their chests, so perhaps. For now, we have rumors to play with and a PSP 2 to add to our 2011 Christmas list!



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