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Razer Switchblade

Razer have released a prototype of their new gaming tool, the Razer Switchblade at this years CES.

The idea here is to take PC gaming, well portable PC gaming to a whole new level. The idea is essential a laptop, but a laptop focused on gaming. With a 7inch screen, digital keyboard and unquie user interface this is looking a like a genuinely interesting way to game on the go.

The selling point for this device is what they are calling its ‘tactile adaptive keyboard’ essentially a standard keyborad but with clear keys and digital characters. This allows the the keyboard to change and ‘adapt’ on the fly when you change from one game to another. Changing the types, positions and arrangement of keys, even allowing custom key setups for each game.

Take WoW for example, you can have the standard keyboard layout when chatting the change it when PvE or PvP to a custom combination of movement arrows, and spell icons. Actually allowing you display the spell icon picture on the keyboard.

Even without creating a keyboard layout scheme the Switchblade with create a scheme that it thinks is the best suit for each game.

The Switchblade allows has a pretty sweet interface with a touch screen design, allow easy movement between games, jumping online and other basic computer tasks. It come equip with one USB port and headset and mic jacks.

Now I’m keen on seeing this in action but i question a few things, like how do you go online? is there builtin in WiFi, BT or something, how do install the games on the devices and how much HD space are we talking coz WoW is a heafty number of gigs.

Besides all that just image sitting outside at the park, beach or just waiting for somthing, someone and you can whip this out and jump on to play CoD, L4D, WoW with even something like Portal or other minor games that dont even need a mouse. Its a great idea even if it is similar to a laptop and as a Razer fan (not fanboy) I am keen to see it and will probally get one.

Razer Switchblade

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