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Some Top Android Gaming Apps

People use their smart mobile phones for all sorts of purposes. With remote Internet access, the capability to play music on your phone, mapping programs, and all sorts of other features, just about everyone can find something extremely useful in an advanced smart phone. This is largely thanks to the massive and ever-expanding selection of apps available for just about any smart phone you pick up from a popular provider like O2. These apps serve a seemingly limitless number of different purposes, though perhaps their most popular use is for gaming. People can enjoy all sorts of different gaming apps on their smart phones, whether to pass the time when bored or for entertainment on a regular basis. Whatever the case, here are some of the top gaming apps for Android phones:

• Bonsai Blast – A relatively simple arcade-style game, Bonsai Blast simply involves prohibiting a chain of colourful marbles from reaching the end of a path. The marbles keep coming, and your job is to burst them by launching the appropriate colour marble into a group of matching colours. It’s simple, but very addicting and very entertaining.

• Draw Something – One of the most popular games among all smart phone users, Draw Something allows you to have fun with your friends over your mobile network. Essentially, the game merely involves drawing pictures and having your friends guess what they are, which of course can become very amusing in a short time.

• Paper Toss – A very popular game for a long time among iPhone users, Paper Toss is finally available for Android users. It’s another game that is both simple and addicting, and simply involves tossing a balled up piece of paper into a trashcan by flicking your finger. It’s particularly amusing because the game imitates office boredom, while many of the people who will enjoy it most are those who are simply bored at the office.

• Angry Birds – Unquestionably the most popular gaming app yet to hit the mobile smart phone market, Angry Birds is a cartoonish game that involves launching birds at towers to knock them down. Different birds have different destructive capabilities, meaning that there is some strategy involved. This game is so popular that there are now several versions of it.

• Temple Run – Another game that has long been popular but has not been available for Android users for very long, Temple Run is an enjoyable adventure game. You control a man running through a jungle track, fleeing from ape-like pursuers and leaping over gaps to escape trouble. The game goes on as long as you are able to keep your character alive, making this a very fun one to focus on, as you can always improve upon your records.

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