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Bungie Reveal Possible Halo Reach DLC

Oops! Looks like someone at Bungie will be getting a slapped *insert body part here*. Whilst discussing Halo Reach on the official Bungie blog, screenshots were posted up in an attempt to assist players in the task of installing Halo Reach to their Xbox 360 hard drives. Those screenshots happened to show the achievement points…

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Halo Reach leaked almost a month before launch

The highly anticipated Halo Reach is set to be released September 14th. That hasn’t stopped pirates from leaking the game earlier. Someone was able to acquire the game from the Microsoft servers and has shared it across the web, for others to download. The game, distributed by Microsoft Game Studios was developed by Bungie Studies,…

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Halo 3

Okay, so last weekend I FINALLY got up to major grade 2. Moments later I jumped with joy and humped the air like some horny teenaged loser. I called my husband and told him I finally did it, and then played for 5 hours straight after that. Two days later I downloaded the new patch…

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