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Xbox 360 Bargains from Zavvi on eBay

Just been looking on eBay and I came across some £8.99 bargains from the Zavvi Outlet that I thought were good enough to share with other gamers including: Dragon Age 2 Just Cause 2 Homefront Bulletstorm UFC 2010 Bioshock 2 Full range of titles on offer can be found here: ZavviOutlet eBay All for the…

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Dead Space 2 Armour for Dragon Age 2

Much like the Blood Armor that brought a Mass Effect vibe into the original Dragon Age, Visceral Games and BioWare are working together to bring Dead Space‘s Isaac Clarke into the world of Dragon Age. Basically, those of you that pick up Dead Space 2 will get the exclusive “Ser Isaac of Clarke” armor set…

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