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Wii Sales Drop but, no Christmas Price Deals


Bad news for Nintendo as their Wii console and the DS handheld series seem to have lost their way in the UK gaming market. Both retailers Game and Gamestation are reporting that sales of the Wii and DS are down 40% and in fact, it is reported that Game have dipped into the red in their overall sales and are partly blaming the decline in hardware sales of the Nintendo Wii for their misfortune.

As the news of the potential lack of interest in the Nintendo Wii filters through, news that Nintendo have no intentions of reducing prices on their hardware over the upcoming Christmas period is also appearing. Presumably the company expects the Christmas sales figures, which have historically been highly successful for Nintendo, to be high enough to not need any encouragement from price drops or incentives to customers.

Sales of both the Xbox 360, with the new slim versions and the PlayStation 3 hardware have done a lot better for retailers in the UK however.

Here at Girl Gamers, we wish Nintendo a very Merry Christmas! Well, it wouldn’t be the same without the mad dash in the stores for Nintendo Wii’s for the kids at Christmas time, it’s a gaming tradition no less and we do like to see competition for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the gaming market too.


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