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Women’s wages are higher than men’s in the UK gaming industry

‘The Market for Computer and Video Games (MCV)’ recent research has revealed that the average salary for women working in the UK games industry is £33,260 per year, which is £2,000 higher than an average male salary working in the same industry.

This news comes as a surprise to many people as it’s always been known that generally, men earn more money than women in most business sectors.  But according to this new research by MCV and it’s sister magazine ‘Develop’, women can make around £40 a week more than men in the gaming industry. 

This research also uncovered that women are more positive when it comes to thinking about their future career with 72% feeling confident about the year ahead, where-as only 66% of men felt the same.

The gaming industry is still dominated by men, but this new research may just give a little boost to those females thinking of joining the gaming industry.



  1. Ohmygod. finally it has been proven. If only there wasnt sexism in the world still. Us girls could game in peace for once. lol. Keeping the girl gamers for real! Peace x

  2. This is simply proof that the women were whining about nothing. The glass ceiling never existed and it was the women themselves who were holding themselves back.

    I suggest that people look up what “sexism” is and fully understand it before using the term. There are a lot of factors at play here.


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