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XBOX360 ‘Lips’ Release Information

The highly anticipated ‘Lips’ for the XBOX360 is due to be released in the UK on 21st November 2008.  This is an exclusive for the Xbox360, so if you like to think that your singing in the car, or the shower, or even on the toilet is pretty good, then you want to pick yourself up a copy of this when it comes out.

‘Lips’ is to be the only purely singing game and it will come with two wireless microphones so you can dance and sing in your living room, without having to worry about tripping over any wires.  Xbox360 controllers can be used to play percusssion also.  If that isn’t tempting you to buy this game, then how about if I tease you with the opportunity to sing along to your own songs from your MP3 player!  Yes, that’s correct!  Upload your own music and sing along to it. 

This game is tipped to be one of the hottest Christmas releases and will provide endless amount of entertainment for the family.  I personally think this would be great with the help of a little alcohol to get you in the mood.  Some artisits featured are Coldplay, Leona Lewis, Nirvana and Radiohead, so there is a wide range of genres – something for everyone!

This game is expected to hit the shelves at a recommended retail price of £49.99, but don’t forget, this comes with 2 wireless microphones.


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